Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 8: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

For our preliminary task we had to do a short clip of a guy meeting another guy, but it looked very suspicious along the way. This was very amateur compared to the thriller, but we was gien a short space of time + we just got use of using the camera and tripod, alot of errors were made which include one of my group members not even saving that prelim as a final product :/

A main difference between the prelim and actual thriller is that they was not the same genre, also the fact that the prelim was very vague and it did not have a proper opening title sequence it was very much improvised. For the prelim we added in music by a famous rapper but with the Thriller and copyrights we pretty much had to make our own beat.

Our prelim did not include many shots and effects it involved alot of straight cuts, there was no title at the beginning. But with the Thriller a title had been added along with credits, in doing that it made the Thriller have that certified professional look and obviously by then our knowledge of editing and filming expanded.

Our locations in our prelim was set in the college as well as the Thriller but with the Thriller we used the basement area. Personally this easy a disadvantage because i think the set could of been filmed some where better.

The shots that we took in the prelim was very unsteady it shook alot at times, we kinda thought at the time we was too good to use a tripod. In the Thriller we had an effect of the camera being the actual person so the audience would think their actually involved.
With the costumes there was not much difference in it because we were in a college so it wasn't like the college had a school uniform. 

Technology that we was to add everything for the final cut was the Apple Mac alongside the programmes such as Final Cut Pro/Sound Track Pro.  To be honest I only knew how to use the basics but then towards the end with a little help of my teacher I kinda knew what I was doing.
The editing and effects we used in the Prelim did not compare to the amount of things that we used in the Thriller. Instead of having straight cuts that we had in the Prelim which used alot of fades throughout the thriller to make the transitions more smoother and when that took place that's when we placed the credits, we done this by using Final Cut pro and when we done the prelim I had no idea of putting in effects, i thought it was a simple drag & play situation. The two main effects we used was the split screen view & the slow motion effect towards the end of the film.

As a whole this was a mind blowing experience, it really did put me in a directors seat and made me see hwo really hard it is, the fact that we done an open sequence and it took us a few weeks to complete made me just dread on how these directors spend months even years like the film Avatar

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