Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Question 3: Who would be the target audience for your media product?

Malachi, aged 18  is a part-time worker in selfridges and is in his A2 year of college, he loves shopping, his best brand is Ralph Lauren. He has a passion for dancing and one of his many inspirations is Chris Brown. Due to him being such a player he has a Blackberry so he can chat to all the females he knows on Blackberry Messenger. He tends to socialize alot in Facebook so he can out his latest pictures and videos up.

My target audience is aimed at the range of 15 - 20, the reason why I started the age limit from 15 is because most thriller movies are 15. Most teenagers of these ages are interested in fashion, for example 'Ralph Lauren' is very popular to the young generation and also blackberry. I think Blackberry would help boost my media product due to a lot of teenager being on it and news/gossip can get around very quick, not to mention social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Chris Brown is one of the many young successful artists and my target audience listen's to a lot of music so I think even having a soundtrack done by an artist like him would be a very good idea.

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