Friday, 8 April 2011

Q2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our movie consists of 4 actors (Netitia, Jin, Sam and Lorenzo). They're all great actors, however if i could choose from professional actors that have starred in thriller movies it would be the following actors/actresses:


Maggie Grace, young actress had starred as 'Kim' in the movie 'TAKEN' 2008. I'd choose her to act as Netitia (the girl that gets kidnapped and tortured), because in the movie 'Taken' she had amazing acting skills and i had goose-pumps the first time i watched her!! so i think that she would have a great reaction from the audience and the movie would look very realistic. 

The following video shows how effective and realistic 'Taken' is. This also depends on the director and now only the actors. So i think that Pierre Morel is a great director for making the movie so eye-catching and realistic:


Christian Stolte could be a good actor to play the role of Jin, who's the man that tortures the girl. I think he'd be an good actor fort his role is because his appearance looks scary and mysterious. He has starred in movies such as the 'Law Abiding Citizen' where he plays as Clarence Darby, a rapist, robber and a drug dealer. He was knows for committing more crimes in the past. 

In the following trailer, you can see his role and straight away you can tell that he would be suitable for this role. 

We can get sites of Darby at 0:35, 0:50, 1:00, 1:23 and from 1:26-1:33. 


Paul Walker, most known for his acting skills in 'The Fast and The Furious'. I think that he'd be a great actor to play as Lorenzo because he is charming and on the other hand you would suspect that he would have an evil side which is not obvious at all. He has an appearance of a womanizer which is also handy because in our opening sequence, Lorenzo flirts with Netitia to get her to go where he wants her to. 
This photo is from one of his movies, he has a good communication skills with women which is what we would need for someone to act as Lorenzo who charms Netitia.

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