Friday, 8 April 2011

Q7: What have you learned about technologies from process of constructing this product?

I've learned that technology is very useful - because it helps us construct our thriller movie, the camera work we used was all wisely picked, to suit the certain scene. I believe the use of camerawork help us build a lot of tension and suspense.

For filming our thriller movie opening sequence we used a professional JVC camera. this was very helpful because we were able to get clear and professional shots and also the camera had many other handy techniques which we used in our film such as the 'focus' effect and zooming.

This is a tripod this was used to hold the camera still so that we were able to get a steady shot of certain scenes so that the film looked realistic and professional.

Lighting kit was really important as it helped create a certain mood and effect for our film especially in the last scene.


Soundtrack pro is very useful because it help you add music into your thriller opening. We made our own beat to form some kind of a music that would suit the thriller genre. This was the first time I was introduced to soundtrack pro, I believe that AS Media has helped me a lot as I've learned new skills and techniques using this certain programme. I found using Soundtrack pro very fun as there was a lot of beats we could add to our original background tune to match our scenes and create a suitable atmosphere for the viewers. 


Final Cut Pro is a programme we used to cut and edit our clips to make it into a big thriller movie opening which is just under 3 minutes long. This programme is also very useful because it help you use the razor blade tool and cut the clips at the right time to make it seem more realistic. This wasn't the first time I used final cut pro - as I've used it in secondary school for Media GCSE before. I was pretty familiar with this programme and had not much trouble at all. 


This programme helped us to make a title sequence for the thiller, after we've gathered the soundtrack and the movie from Final Cut Pro we had to use Live Type for credits and title sequences of our Thriller opening. 

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