Friday, 1 April 2011

Question 1: In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media ?

My thriller is very conventional because the female is the victim and she is lured into danger by a male .

This similar to silence of the lambs because the victims in the film are females .

This is a scene from my thriller which shows the female victim just like the female victim in silence of the lambs .

This scene in silence of the lambs shows the female victim helping the male stalker .

This imitates the scene above where the victim and the male stalker are in conversation and she is being quite helpful .

This shows the male stalker stalking his female victim ready for an attack .

 This again shows the similarity between my thriller and silence of the lambs .This is a shot of a male stalker stalking his female victim waiting for the right moment to attack her .

This scene from silences of the lamb shows the male stalker attacking his female victim.

This scene from my thriller shows the female victim been attacked and taken into a basement .

This is a scene from scream 4 which is set in a school and based on a group of teenagers who are all friend. This shows that thrillers,horrors and slashers can be set in schools ,colleges or educational institutions . This is similar to my thriller because it is set in an educational institution and majority of the victims are females with a male stalker . This shows that the target audience for scream and for my thriller is young people / teenagers

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