Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thriller clip analysis


What lies Beneath (Supernatural Thriller):

In the first scene the camera is positioned on top of the stairs facing towards the women, as she stops and looks, the audience are not privileged to knowing what she is looking at or what is behind the camera.


  Eerie music is played during this scene helping the suspense of the moment.

Music stops, where then the camera starts to pan towards what the women is apparently staring at.

As the camera continues to pan, the audience can hear several sound effects such as birds chirping in the background and a low hollow blowing sound.

Camera panning

The camera finally stops panning where then the sound of the hollow blowing intensifies. 

Another sound effect is when the women opens a door, the audience are given a creepy creaking sound of the opening door which adds to the intensity of the atmosphere.

The misty fog which leaks out the gaps of the door also helps the directer achieve his aim of creating a suspenseful environment.

Close up.

Close up of the women, we can see her facial expression and in this very moment, we are able to notice that there's something for her to fear, as well as the audience.

Point of view shot

Point of View Shot, this camera shot helps the audience empathise with the situation as they wait for something to happen or appear due to the build up of suspense. 

Close up
Long shot

The scene then leads to cuts in the shots from the close up of the women, to a long shot of the bathroom, the 'close up' of the women allows the audience to see how she is reacting as she walks close to the bathtub.
The 'Long shot' of the bathroom lets the audience think why the women is acting so strangely, especially as the bathroom seems to be an ordinary everyday bathroom. 

Over the Shoulder

This now emphasises the situation, the audience now know that the women has making her way to the bathtub, and due to her facial expression, the audience now know that the build up of suspense has lead to this scene.
High pitched sound starts to play over the scene.

Low-angel shot

High pitched sound continues to play, however camera goes into a low-angle shot, the camera also appears from underneath the water inside the bathtub, this makes the audience feel as if they are looking through another persons  point of view. But who?

Over the shoulder shot

Again, this type of shot emphasises the situation, however the audience now see that there is nothing inside the bathtub, so who was looking up? Adds to the mystery of the scene.

Women unplugs the bath, the scene goes quiet except the sound being made by the unplugged bathtub, the audience can believe the suspense is over, the camera then pans to the right and we are lead to a 'over the shoulder' and 'two-shot' which will make the audience jump as they finally witness what the suspense was building up for.
A high pitched bang sound plays when it pans to the ghost in the reflection.

Close up of reaction

Scene cuts away to another room which shows
the man jumping out of bed to investigate the scene.

Over the shoulder

During this shot, the high pitched sound continuous to play, also, when the man looks at the bathtub, a loud noise is instantly played, probably representing the sudden realization of what has just happened.

Two shot/Close up
A sudden change in music changes the atmosphere of the scene,
the sound becomes more calm and relaxing as the scene of suspense
finally comes to an end.

Cutaway - shot

The final seconds of the scene cuts away to the bathroom plughole, all sounds are gone except the breathing of the women, however these final moments tell the audience that the threat is over and so is the scene.

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