Thursday, 24 March 2011

difficulties with editing

When it came to editing for my group they became kind of lazy,so i took control and did it by myself however this was not easy ! at all as i had to figure things out that i had previously forgot so i found doing certain things like cutting a clip in half quite difficult but however i over came it and became a master at cuttin clips in half. more over as i got over one obsticle there was another one soon approaching as things became difficult like adding titles into the movie sequence .I found this difficult because i had to use efects such as fadein and fade out to makesure that there wa spaces for the tiltes and that they where not to long at the same time i had to makesure that the sequence made sense and didnt confuse the audience this involved watching the same clips and sequences more than it got a bit annoying but i still carried on .once i put all the clips in order and added titles i watched the whole thing more than five times to makesure that it made sense and had the effect on the audience that we wanted it to, this part of editing was very boring bt however the hard work paid off and the title sequence looked really good all that was left was to add the msic which i could not do so i left it to another meber of my grop called lorenzo he made the soundtrack n i gave him my opinion and told him when i thought he should change things and where he should add things,woring as team really paid off  when it came to makeing the soundtrack as we used both our ideas to make a really good soundtrack when added it to our movie sequence we found that it flowed really well and it also inspired us to change certain clips in our film to make it better and they worked really well so editing was hard but the hard work paid off in the end !

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