Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Introduction to the camera


Before filming we were introduced to the cameras that we would be using during our time filming.

We were told to only use the main functions of the camera such as zoom, focus and record as the other functions of the camera was not needed for the basic camera angles we were going to be shooting.

We were also told to not use the camera if it was raining as the water can affect the camera and if wet enough, it may become inoperative.

Also, we were taught how to correctly insert the battery into the video camera alongside the memory card which would then be placed into a video drive after filming where then the film could be used and edited. 

The teacher told us that before filming, the camera has to be in focus or the shots that we take will become blurry and barely usable unless we wanted to produce that effect.

Alongside the camera we were introduced to the tripod which would be used to help stable and keep in focus any camera shots.

We were taught how to set the tripod and that we must always keep the legs evenly a part.

We were then taught how to extend the legs of the tripod which is used to adjust how high we want to capture the shots.

In addition we were told that if the camera was not locked on properly on the tripod it would be at risk of falling of or was at risk to cause the camera to shake and wobble during filming which could ruin the shot if it was not the effect which wanted.

Furthermore, we were told that if we wanted to adjust the tripod we should remove the camera beforehand in case the tripod falls over which would damage the camera and maybe even break it.

We were taught how to remove the camera, this is done by making sure the lever is facing away from the camera before pressing the red button and sliding the camera of.

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