Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thriller Planning...

This week we finally started planning for our own thriller film. This was quite a scary and exciting , this was our chance to show what we have learnt .However it also scary because you have to rely on people that you have not known for very long and this could come as a problem but however we will try to work hard as a group to cooperate with each other and put in as much work as we most possibly can .
To help us plan our thriller film  our teacher Bernard gave us each a A3 piece of paper with seven boxes on the sheet.
The boxes consisted of what we would have to plan to make our film successful;
  • Locations to be used,
  • Opening that have inspired you and why
  • Which thriller Sub Genre will you produce
  • Opening structure to be followed
  • Key Props to be used
  • Intertexual refrences
  • Fonts and font effects to be used
this sheet is very helpful as it helps us to express our ideas and have them on paper so that when we go to film we have a rough idea of what each memebr in the group wants so we can use all the ideas so that every has had an imput .However we may need to change some ideas as they maybe to adventurous or difficult to film so we will have to keep that in mind the main thing we need to keep in mind is a time schedule so that we have enough to edit and so that we finish on time .

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